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I Am Kaizen is a movement. Our goal is to teach families how to create the time and financial resources so that they may design a life of abundance and fulfillment. 

We accomplish this by teaching entrepreneurship through our partnership with Isagenix. This allows us to provide solutions to the challenges that often prevent someone from living into their perfect day. We believe that we are all born with unique gifts that when cultivated, will allow us to live the lifestyle of our dreams and uplift and inspire those around us. In our opinion,  it is every individuals birthright to experience joy, freedom and fulfillment. The platform our community provides assists us in unlocking those gifts and developing them through our philosophy of “Continuous Improvement.”

We are renowned for two things. Our extremely supportive community that is filled with some of the most positive, fun and uplifting people you could possibly be around. It provides us the ideal environment for becoming the best versions of ourselves. Secondly, our streamlined, yet extremely comprehensive education and mentoring program. Together we are continuously improving. Together we are I Am Kaizen.